What is Phibrows?

Eyebrow Phibrows from the words of Mrs. Yasaman Raesi
The name of this method comes from Phi Academy in Serbia that founded this beautiful method. Currently, many people in our country have used this eyebrow beauty method.
Eyebrow Phibrows is one of the semi-permanent methods for eyebrow beauty and make-up, which can be used manually using disposable needles, and after completing this method, you will see the beauty of your eyebrows with a very natural and perfect shape. . Today, most people are familiar with this method of beauty and eyebrow makeup, and they use this method in all Western and Eastern societies.
The purpose of this method is to solve and provide a solution to cover the defects in this position of the face, and you can have eyebrows with a special design and a specific color. Keep in mind that this method of eyebrow makeup is not permanent and it disappears after a certain period of time, so you can use this method semi-permanently to have natural eyebrows with special beauty.
Note that 10 days before the implementation of fibrosis, the eyebrows should not be dyed, the chosen color should not be too bright, in the next step, the eyebrow arch and the tail of the eyebrow are drawn, so that the tattoo is not pale, the thickness of the strokes should be doubled. Depending on the skin type of people, eyebrow fibrosis is performed in several stages, and dry and normal skin is suitable for better performance of this method. #Phibrows in Shiraz

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