Hybrid Style

Eybrow Hybrid Method by Yasaman Raesi

What is hybrid eyebrow?

Hybrid eyebrow (hybrid eyebrow) from the words of Mrs. Yasaman Raesi - the best Permanent Makeup Artist in Shiraz
Hybrid eyebrow is one of the new and semi-permanent methods of eyebrow makeup and beauty, which manually and using disposable needles create a combination shade between the eyebrow hairs. The main purpose of this method is to provide a solution and fix eyebrow defects with a special design and color. Eyebrow phibrows is not a permanent method and disappears after a certain period of time, so this method can be used permanently to have natural eyebrows with special beauty.
In fact, eyebrow hybrid is a combination of two techniques. In the microblading method, to beautify the eyebrows and make them look natural, lines similar to the shape of hair are drawn between the eyebrows. While the shading method gives a powdery state to the eyebrows and there is no distinct and bold frame in the eyebrows. The combination of these two methods gives us a very beautiful and natural work.
Hybrid VIP is a very durable and elegant fusion method for those who don't have enough time to repair their work (like travelers). For this purpose, more time is allocated for their work in the clinic and different materials are used, which they have to pay double the cost of ordinary people. If you are a traveler and you have little time to do this, don't worry about your restoration, choose the VIP method and enjoy the beauty of your permanent makeup for a longer period of time.
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