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Yasaman Raesi's eyebrow shading shade

What is eyebrow shading?

Eybrow Shading by Mrs. Yasaman Raesi - the best permanent makeup artist of Shiraz , south of Iran
A method called eyebrow shading can be used to shape and make up eyebrows in a semi-permanent way. This method is done by micropigmentation, and if done professionally, it gives a natural and beautiful look to the eyebrows. In this method, with a microshading needle, the pigments penetrate under the skin and the eyebrows become velvety. In eyebrow shading, unlike eyebrow tattoo methods, the eyebrows are not framed and the empty areas inside the eyebrow are filled. This method can also be used to cover scars, stitches and wounds. In the ombre shading method, the eyebrows become lighter and the ends become fuller.
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Eyebrow shading is a very efficient and effective technique for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. In this method, the pigments are penetrated under the skin by the microshading needle, the eyebrows become velvety, and in this case, the eyebrows look beautiful and natural.
Eyebrow shading is different from eyebrow microblading. In the eyebrow microblading method, lines similar to the shape of hair are drawn between the eyebrows, and the eyebrows look natural in this way, but in the shading method, the entire eyebrow is covered in the form of dots, and the density of these dots increases from the crown to the tail. These points are created by pressure on the skin and the shade is completely placed on your eyebrows and gives a powdery look to the eyebrows.
In eyebrow shading, unlike other eyebrow tattoo methods, there is no specific and colorful frame in the eyebrows. With the help of this method, the empty areas inside the eyebrows are filled and after two weeks after the work is done and the surface scratches are healed, you can see a natural and impressive beauty in the eyebrows.
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