Lift and Lamination

Lift and Lamination

Yasaman Raesi eyelash beauty services

Eyelash and eyebrow lift and laminate services

Despite the many emphasis on eye and eyelash beauty services to people involved in this profession and also to customers, unfortunately, many cases of complaints related to eye infections are reported due to visits to unreliable salons.
At Raesi Clinic, we try to gift you beautiful eyelashes without any damage to the eyes and eyelids. The first principle in our work is maintaining quality and observing the principles of personal and environmental health. Also, in this department, eyebrow laminating services are also performed professionally.

- Lift and laminate using the Lash Elixir brand, the only strengthening brand available that hydrates and re-grows your eyebrows and eyelashes.
- The first repair of lift and laminate is done after 2 months. After that, it needs to be repaired once every 4 months.

Yasaman Raesi eyelash beauty servicesYasaman Raesi eyelash beauty services

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