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Warm greetings to my loved ones and companions. When I was fourteen, I took part in a Permanent Make-up training Course by chance during a trip to Turkey. My teacher's encouragement and approval made me interested in starting the path seriously. When I returned to Iran, I worked for a while under the supervision of two experts in the field of permanent makeup. In Dr. Shahriar Delir's office, I performed skin treatments and permanent makeup. I was also honored to be in the presence of Ms. Dastani at the famous Henna hair salon. After that, I worked in the office of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Rajabian, who was one of the first physicians in the field of cosmetic surgery. In Dr. Rajabian's clinic, I mostly worked in the field of cosmetic medicine for free. I helped patients in removing congenital defects such as cleft lip or vitiligo, burn marks, scars or suture marks. I also dealt with patients who had post-chemotherapy lesions, such as eybrows and head hair loss, or done Mastectomy. For these people, I used microblading and micropigmentation techniques to design hair, nipples, or areolas. Also, I did activities in removing abdominal lines after caesarean section. That period was one of the best times of my work, because in the mentioned cases, not only the patient's body but also the patient's soul is damaged, and fixing these defects is very effective for them.

From the beginning, I believed that permanent makeup should be done under the supervision of a physician. For about 8 years, I was the representative and instructor of Amiea company in the south of the country, which provided the only device licensed by the Ministry of Health. Currently, I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a lecturer and expert of the Chamber of Guilds, and a lecturer of the Shiraz Barbers Union. During my university days, I was doing permanent makeup in a clinic in Tehran under the supervision of Dr. Sara Hatami. Tiredness never meant anything to me. All these efforts led to the establishment of the First Permanent Makeup Clinic in Shiraz by me. We are currently providing services in two departments of Training and Performing Permanent Makeup in Tehran and Shiraz.

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