Perm-Eye Makeup


Permanent eye makeup in Shiraz

As you know, the human eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body that needs special care. Unfortunately, these days we see many cases of eye damage, including infection, due to unprofessional and unauthorized permanent makeup services such as eyeliner and eyelash services. Many of these eye injuries are due to going to unreliable centers and trusting their advertisements, which will cause irreparable damage if these infections are not dealt with.

Remember that in the field of permanent makeup, a lower price does not guarantee the client profit!

At Dr. Raesi Clinic, we are trying to provide the best possible service to maintain satisfaction of our customers by following all the required health and hygiene protocols. Therefore, we have achieved these two important things by using the best and most reliable cosmetic-hygiene brands and by using modern methods. Several methods that are offered in the clinic are:
- Lash line
- Miniature lash line
- Classic eyeliner
- Miniature eyeliner
- Eye velvet shading
- Miniature shading

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